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Since 1984, Pro QC has maintained and grown its business success in providing quality assurance solutions, engineering and consulting services in highly competitive environments by strategically adapting and making improvements in performance in line with market trends.

Experienced Team

SQIM Global engineering team includes specialists across a wide variety of industries, allowing us to provide you with a team incorporating the right expertise and training in quality methods, processes and tools to support your projects from day-one when and where you need them.

Scalability & Flexibility

We tailor solutions as required, leverage our network, optimize our resource allocation anddeliver best practices for projects of all sizes in a prompt and efficient manner, enabling ourclients to meet critical deadlines and reduce overall costs.

Timely Feedback

We offer detailed reporting promptly, within 24 hours of the completion of a service. Our team of experts provides the detailed and objective feedback on quality issues, along with photographic evidence, needed to achieve continuous improvement.

Business Principle

SQIM Global’s role is to assist the clients to reduce supply chain risk and cost of poor quality. Our mission is to nurture the trust of our clients and the team through dynamic interactions, creative supply chain solutions and integrated partnerships.Our vision is to be the best in the services we provide. To help us remain focused on these goals, we have set out four values as a yardstick for all of us at SQIM Global to drive continuous organizational and self-improvement. They are:

Service Location

Who we are

SQIM Global, is a team with  the professional (footwear, Bag, Belt & Leather)  who have highly experienced to handle the quality management of different brands . With a team of hands-on experts in the footwear industry, we are committed to continuous improvement through our delicate service. Our company is driven by a passion for quality and a mission to deliver the finest products to our valued customers. Join us on this journey as we strive to exceed your expectations and bring you the finest footwear and leather goods service in Bangladesh/UK(-Europe)/China.

Our Values


We listen, we deliver, we care.
We relentlessly help our clients succeed.


It’s all about trust. We make no compromise.


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Save people’s time. They will love it


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Say it like it is. Stay humble. Hold yourself accountable.


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Focus your effort. Measure impact.


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Agility is how we roll. We innovate to stay ahead.


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Cultivate talent. We are fair and we have fun!


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