Quality Inspection

Samples are checked against a detailed inspection plan for cosmetic appearance, applicable functionality, packaging integrity, workmanship and the client’s specific requirements. Discovered defects are classified as major, minor, or critical depending on the inspection plan. We have no concern to follow our customer’s QC standards, procedures, and documentation.SQIM Global, quality control inspection services apply to all industries and are tailored to the requirements of each project. From 100% to AQL-based inspections, our solutions cover the entire spectrum of quality inspections and include First Article Inspections (FAI), In-Process Inspections , Pre-Shipment Inspections , and Container Loading Supervision (CLS).Our product inspection reports and results with digital photos are delivered to our clients within 48 hours of the service through our secure online client center so that product shipments can be quickly authorized.

How SQIM Global can help ?SQIM Global is a trusted global third-party quality inspection company providing tailored solutions in different countries. With quality consulting expertise, we aim at solving client challenges and protecting their interests in today’s global economy. Our offices in UK , Bangladesh & China with a global network of onsite QC engineers ensure that SQIM Global has the required technical resources for our clients’ needs.Companies must provide quality products that are safe for the end users and, at the same time, be quick to market, build a strong brand, and maintain long-term growth. In times of complex international supply chains, many of the world’s top organizations ?? rely on SQIM Global third-party quality inspection services for ensuring product quality and reducing sourcing risks around the globe.

First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection Services

As a quality control company, SQIM Global provides First Article Inspection services in Bangladesh , UK and China.

First Article Inspections (FAI), or Initial Production Inspections, are a critical step in ensuring that a product meets all the required specifications set forth by the customer. The purpose of FAI is to prove that a product’s design, manufacturing process, and quality control system can consistently produce parts to meet the customer’s requirements. A successful FAI will provide both the customer and manufacturer with the assurance that any part produced moving forward will meet tolerance levels and perform as expected. FAIs can be performed on both production and prototype parts.

SQIM Global First Article Inspection Services:

As a leading third-party quality control service provider, SQIM Global helps companies to meet their quality control requirements. Our team of experienced inspectors, who understand the fundamentals of the production process, conduct all inspections according to established standards. Each inspector is carefully chosen depending on the product being inspected.

Once assigned to First Article Inspection, our inspector controls product quality at the beginning of the production and uses a personalized checklist to examine each part for accuracy and compliance with customer requirements. Whenever any major or critical anomalies are found during an inspection, our customers are notified at once so corrective measures can be taken.

In a First Article Inspection (FAI), all aspects of the product’s design, manufacture, and assembly are inspected to ensure that they meet the requirements specified in the contract or engineering drawing. The inspectors will verify that the dimensions, tolerances, materials, finishes, and assembly processes are all in compliance with the requirements. In addition, they will evaluate the function of the product and its fitness for use. The results of the FAI are documented in a report which can be used to improve the manufacturing process and prevent problems in future production runs.

In-Process Inspection

In Process Inspection

Companies need transparency and visibility into the manufacture of their products and a reassurance that final product quality will meet their requirements. In-Process Inspection serves these goals. Conducted during the production process at the most critical steps, IPI provides essential information on actual manufacturing conditions and product quality..

An In-Process Inspection is a product inspection conducted during the manufacturing process. This control is carried out at different stages and at predetermined times. The inspection usually occurs when at least 20% of the products are completed. It provides monitoring and assurance that the factory is following established production methodology and techniques. Conducting During Production Inspections helps to identify defects at an early stage and eliminate them before products are finished, which prevents additional costs downstream.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

In Pre-Shipment Inspection

A pre-shipment inspection will determine if there are any defective products in a batch and ensure that the products meet the quality and safety requirements of the target market. It provides the necessary results for deciding if the lot can be accepted or not before shipping. Examining products and documents and determining compliance with required standards avoids customs problems, reduces delays, and prevents defective products from reaching the customer.

Pre-Shipment inspections are guided by sampling. Sampling occurs when the material is 100% produced and 80% packaged for shipment. The principle of this type of inspection is to draw conclusions on the conformity of the batch from the results obtained on a sample rather than inspecting 100%. The sample size is chosen to be statistically representative of the total quantity and the individual units inspected are randomly selected by the third-party inspector. This quality control is the last opportunity to take the necessary corrective actions before shipping. When defective products are identified, they are either sorted or reworked so only compliant products are shipped.

The Pre-Shipment Inspection Precedent

Pre-shipment inspections are increasingly used and required because of an agreement to improve international trade standards under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade amended by the World Trade Organization. In international trade, third-party pre-shipment inspection services may be required to adhere to a letter of credit. When companies deal with foreign suppliers, a letter of credit is often created to protect the monetary interests of the buyer, ensuring that the products are as ordered before the bank releases the funds from the selling company.

SQIM Global Pre-Shipment Inspection Services

Ensuring product quality is an absolute necessity, both for regulatory compliance and brand image reasons. The product must be free of defects and match the required quality standards set by the buyer when it is shipped out of the factory. For many companies, a final random inspection is part of their quality control process. Having an inspector on-site at the factory to compare the purchase order with the actual products ensures a higher level of assurance and control.

SQIM Global offers third-party Pre-Shipment Inspection services in Bangladesh , UK & China. We support companies in conducting this verification independently and efficiently. SQIM Global provides PSI solutions to a wide range of clients in Footwear , Bag, Bely & Leather

As a third-party inspection company, SQIM Global follow the ANSI Z1.4-2008 (ANSI Sampling Table) standard to define the number of units that will be randomly selected for evaluation.

Container Loading Supervision

Container Loading Supervision Services

Container Loading Supervision (CLS), also referred to as Loading Check, is a service designed to safeguard clients from potential shipping complications. It ensures the accurate loading, handling, and documentation of products before they are transported to their final destination.

A container loading supervision service confirms the proper placement and securement of items within the container, verifying that the products comply with the buyer’s expectations and requirements. This inspection procedure is essential for avoiding shipment delays, product damage, and ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods.

CLS processes adhere to a systematic approach. The supervision takes place when the products are 100% manufactured and ready for loading into the shipping container. The primary objective of this service is to validate the correct quantity, packaging, and handling of goods, rather than inspecting the quality of each item. The verification is conducted on-site by an impartial third-party inspector who ensures that the loading process is carried out according to established guidelines.

SQIM Global offers Container Loading Supervision services in over 88 countries, catering to a wide range of clients in industries such as textiles, furniture, cosmetics, sporting goods, electronics, electrical equipment, medical devices, automotive parts, food, vehicles, energy equipment, machinery, metal products, construction materials and many more.

By partnering with SQIM Global, clients can benefit from the technical expertise and industry experience of a global network of QC inspectors who adhere to internationally recognized standards and best practices. Our Loading Check services ensure that the goods are loaded in a safe, efficient, and compliant manner, ultimately protecting the client’s brand reputation and reducing the risk of costly delays and disputes.

SQIM Global’s container loading supervision service consists of the following key steps:

Assessing the container’s state: The inspector evaluates the container for any signs of damage, leakage, or other concerns that could negatively affect the safety of the products during transportation.

Validating product quantity and specifications: The inspector verifies that the correct number of items is present and that they align with the client’s stipulations.

Product Sorting & rework Service

Defective products happen, and they’re a nightmare for customers. Companies need to make sure the products they ship or receive from their suppliers are free of defects and are delivered on time to satisfy their clients. In the event of non-conformities identified at their factory or after delivery, companies can rely on our technical expertise and industry experience to solve their quality challenges.

As a trusted QC company, our goal is to solve client challenges and protect their interests in today’s global economy. Our local teams of quality controllers ensure that we can provide sorting services locally while retaining our international reach. The product sorting services of SQIM Global are an important part of any business that manufactures products. By using our services, businesses can ensure that their products are of the highest quality and meet the standards set by the company. Product sorting solutions can also help businesses save money by identifying and removing defective products before they are shipped to customers. We deploy teams to multiple client locations thus expediting all aspects of the sorting or rework activities

What are product sorting services?

Quality sorting services is the term given to a process that is used in manufacturing and other industries to ensure that products meet certain standards before they are sent to customers or retailers. The process can involve anything from checking for defects to inspecting packaging. Quality sorting has one goal: to make sure that products are up to par before they reach the end customer. This process is important for a number of reasons, but most importantly, it helps to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Product Sorting Services

We have developed tailored quality sorting solutions adapted to the requirements of our clients. We identify defective products, sort them, and carry out rework activities according to a procedure that has been tested and refined. This helps our clients improve quality standards, and maintain customer satisfaction rates. We resolve quality incidents around the globe by quickly deploying controllers and QC inspectors on-site.

The common quality sorting services provided by SQIM Global are visual inspections, dimensional inspections, and functional testing.

1.Visual inspection: Our visual inspection services are often the first step in product quality sorting. This involves looking at the products to identify any defects or inconsistencies. If a product is found with defects, it will be rejected and not sent for further processing

2.Dimensional Inspection : Dimensional inspection is the inspection of a product’s dimensions, such as different measurements. This type of inspection helps to ensure a product meets the client’s requirements and specifications.

3.Functional Testing / wear testing : Our quality control inspectors ensure that the product works as intended . The scope of functional testing can vary depending on the objectives of the test effort.


Our Product Sorting and Rework Coverage

Industry Coverage
The quality sorting and rework services of SQIM Global can be used for a variety of different products, footwear, Bag , Belt , Leather and many more.

Random Test Sample Pickup

Sourcing Footwear , Bag, Belt & Leather

Our Sourcing Service

We have a strong team in Bangladesh that have collaboration with different manufacturer in Bangladesh. Also , have a collaboration with a sample room in China to develop any sample and source material as necessary .

In our local team , we have our own Compliance / Sustainability, QA/ QC team to secure the requirement of the clients.

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